All-day Comfort with Bass Weejuns

Bass Weejuns is the name of the collection of penny loafers created by Bass for men and women. Loafers are slip-on shoes popular in America that are similar in construction with that of a moccasin. Penny loafers are low-cut, usually low-heeled, and laceless, and are worn with casual outfits. Men also use loafers during for work in business casual outfits. The Weejuns from Bass are high quality loafers made with sturdy materials and handsewn construction for a true fit and all-day comfort.

About the company

G.H. Bass & Co. was started by George Henry Bass in the 1870s when he bought and became the sole proprietor of E.P. Packard & Co. He ventured into shoemaking with the idea of creating the best possible shoe for people. In the 1900s, G.H. Bass was one of the first few makers of the moccasin, a form of slipper shoes made with deerskin or soft leather. In late 1930s, the Weejuns was born out of a shoe discovery in Norway. From then on, Weejuns became a popular shoe for men, including celebrities James Dean and Michael Jackson.

Today, G.H. Bass & Co. produces a wide range of comfortable and fashionable shoes for men, women, and kids. They have a growing number of shoe collections consisting of all-weather and stylish boots, casual slip-on shoes, sandals, lace-up shoes, and dress shoes.

General features of Bass Weejuns penny loafers

  • Genuine handsewn construction of a true moccasin. Handsewn shoes are by far the best of all shoe construction techniques. Handsewn uppers and even hand-stitched soles show true craftsmanship of the highest quality. Weejuns are made in the same way as moccasins are produced with fine, even stitching and secure attachment of other parts such as the heel.
  • Soft leather insole or outsole. Bass shoes uses high quality soft leather such as Vegano, brush-off, and full grain for durable and flexible soles. Some styles of Weejuns are made thinner and more flexible to allow for more movement and comfort throughout the day.


Styles of Weejuns available

For Men

  • Logan – This style features a classic strap loafer design. This is the original Bass Weejuns loafers with durable leather outsole and cushioned insole for comfort. Logan is available in three colors: black, burgundy, and tan.
  • Bleaker – The shoe is a classic beefroll penny loafer from Bass. Beefroll refers to the visible hand-stitching of the uppers that resemble cut beef tied up with string. The Bleaker has soft full grain leather upper, leather insoles and a flexible rubber bottom good for walking on slippery surfaces such as in docks. This is available in two color combinations: navy/luggage, and tan/luggage.
  • Layton – Traditional kiltie tassels adorn the polished brush-off leather uppers of this shoe. It has leather insoles and is made of true Bass shoe standards. It is available in burgundy box and Layton-4 burgundy styles.

For Women

  • Wayfarer – This is Bass Weejuns womens version of the classic strapped penny loafer. Women can wear this style in almost any casual outfit, from slacks to jeans and skirts. The Wayfarer is available in burgundy, black, black/white, karikole brown and limited edition gold and silver.
  • Viviana – With its slightly tapered look, this shoe offers a more relaxed style of Weejuns good for the dainty feet of the ladies. This all-leather shoe is available in black, navy, bone, red, burgundy, and karikole brown.
  • Washington – This all-leather moccasin features a slightly wider toe box and kiltie tassels on the uppers. It is available in black, burgundy, and karikole brown colors.

Bass Weejuns are the ultimate American classic when it comes to comfortable yet stylish shoes. Visit their official website for fresh updates or your favorite online distributor for shoe sales and discounts.


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